image1Contagious Smiles
David Clemnets, Jr. recently received a new smile, thanks to the many donors who contributed to this need. David says “I am thankful for the fact you was able to help me get my smile and encouragement to move forward in my life. Because of my new dentures you all have given me my life back in more ways that words can ever explain. Thank you very much.”

These are Bonnie’s words to us after surgeries: “Before I had my surgery it was very difficult for me to eat. Not only was it difficult but it was very embarrassing to eat in public. Since I have had the surgeries, I can open my mouth wider to eat food. I am so grateful to BPM for helping me. I never liked to take pictures before but not I don’t mind having photos taken of me. I am smiling more, too!”
bonnie before (2) (004)2cm to 20 cm (002)

“I would like to send my sincere appreciation to BPM, as well as all who donated to help me achieve paying off my van. I am so grateful for all. Hopefully, I’ll be able to repay the favor. Please know I mean this with all my heart. P.S. God bless all of you! Chuck A. (Chuck is paralyzed from neck down and must have special handicap van to be transported).

“BPM came to me and offered to fix my teeth when I did not even ask for assistance. They paid for a complete set of dentures so I could smile again.” Ray D.

“Thanks to BPM we did not have to be without hot water when our hot water heater broke; this happened when the freezing weather hit Louisiana in January 2017. They immediately purchased a hot water heater, for us, on a Sunday afternoon.” Danny & Sheila L.

“Thank you so much. This is an answer to prayer. Wow what a blessing. I am so grateful for BPM helping me get my teeth fixed.” Karen C.

“Thank you for helping me pay my electric bill.” Ray S.

“Thank you so much. You guys have been a big blessing i mean there’s not words that can describe how thankful I really am for this. You’ve given me my smile back, something I haven’t had for years. I greatly appreciate it.” Jesse L.

“Thanks for giving me a washing machine for my family.” J. L.

“BPM helped me when I was in desperate need for a surgery.” Barbara H.