Before and After Pictures of Bonnie Clements

2cm to 20 cm (002) bonnie before (2) (004)

When we first began helping Bonnie with dental needs she could only open her mouth approximately 1/3″ wide; as you can see in the picture now she is able to open her mouth almost 2″ wide. The surgery also improved a portion of Bonnie’s airway that was obstructed from the distortion.   These are Bonnie’s words to us after the surgeries:  “Before I had my surgery it was very difficult for me to eat.  Not only was it difficult but it was very embarrassing to eat in public.  Since I have had the surgeries, I can open my mouth wider to eat food.  I am so grateful to BPM for helping me.  I never liked to take pictures before but now I don’t mind having photos taken of me.  I am smiling more, too!”