Harvey Relief

Now that Hurricane Harvey has passed and people are desperately trying to return to normalcy, let us not forget those whose lives were changed forever by this tragedy.  During the “rescue stage”of the storm many churches and non-profit organizations are receiving and distributing much needed food, water, clothing, toiletries  etc.   Once the rescue stage is over the recovery stage will begin.  During the “recovery stage” we realize there will be other needs too, such as finances for utilities, housing, vehicle repairs and numerous other unforeseen expenses from the devastation.

Think about the widows mite story in the Bible; she gave a little but it was all she had and it came from her heart.  If everyone gives just a little we can make a BIG change in the lives of others. Will you be the first drop in this ocean to create the ripple affect for a tidal wave of support during the recovery stages for those affected by the damages created by Hurricane Harvey?

P.S.  Our ministry does not have anyone on payroll; we dedicate every penny donated to Harvey Relief to be used for Harvey Relief!